Using Waze to Evaluate Traffic Costs

How to choose where to fight traffic jams and how much to spend in each area considering our citizens' behavior? In this example, we used Waze data generated by the people to measure the traffic im

Polls, errors and democracy in the 21st century

I have been working with data analysis for public policy design, public administration, and electoral campaigns for a while. And I have been following electoral polls from all around the globe during

IDB Third Regional Policy Dialog

I am in Bogota, Colombia, to present a lecture and participate in discussions on the IDB Third Regional Policy Dialog - Open Government In Latin America and the Caribbean. The speech of the Opening

Speach at Columbia SIPA GOVTECH

  Pablo Cerdeira Pablo Cerdeira currently leads PENSA, the big data team for the city of Rio de Janeiro, where he is also the Chief Data Officer. He is an attorney, holding a degree fro